Real Anatolian Taste

Bakraç Dairy, which joined Firmar Holding in 2012, carries on production with its 120 employees in a 30.000 m2 factory, 11.000 m2 of which is indoor area with a daily capacity of producing 250 tons of milk. Bakraç, getting most of the milk from its own farm animals, not only supplies its customers all around Turkey but also presents Anatolia tastes to Middle East countries.

Protecting traditional Anatolian taste, Bakraç processes the diary coming from the farm animals raised by fruitful lands of Amasya under the best sanitation conditions and brings the products produced according to traditional Anatolian taste to your meals. Bakraç Diary will put an and to your longing for Anatolian tastes.

Bakraç Diary products, real traditional Anatolian taste!